Monica Rogers-Fletcher is an Executive Director at the John Maxwell Team, a Certified DISC Behavioural Analysis Consultant, and a Professional Coach, Trainer and Speaker in Leadership and Personal Growth & Development.  A former executive banker for 30 years, her expertise and passion are in stimulating growth, leadership transformation and success in Business Owners, Leaders and their Teams. She has been trained and continues to be mentored by John Maxwell and his faculty including UK renowned Coach, Christian Simpson and Speaker, Roddy Galbraith as well as Paul Martinelli, President of the John Maxwell Team, Speaker and internationally successful businessman. 

Her experience in Coaching and Leadership Development includes Individuals and Teams, locally and internationally in both Public organizations and Private Businesses.  She is on the President’s Advisory Council of the John Maxwell Team, supporting the needs of over 25,000 members spanning over 140 countries, almost every country in the world. 

She has also journeyed with the team on leadership transformation missions to Guatemala, Paraguay and Costa Rica at the invitation of the Presidents of those countries. She is the leader and founder of a local team, PowerTeamTT who is celebrating its sixth year of hosting the John Maxwell Live2Lead leadership simulcast in our country and is a Team Lead of an international team, Global Influencers of the President’s Advisory Council of the John Maxwell Team. She is the host of the very first and only T & T Maxwell Speakers Club which meets monthly in Chaguanas.

Monica is also the Executive Secretary on the Board of Vision on Mission. She is trained, experienced and ready to equip business owners and organization leaders experiencing people, relationship and performance challenges, with the tools and resources they need to make changes to their thinking, actions and behaviors which will ultimately improve their circumstances and results leading to their greater success. These include the Maxwell Method of Behavioural Profile Assessments, Reports and Workshops, Coaching Skills Workshops and Leadership Development Interventions include the innovative and unique Leadership Game.  Monica has a vision of transforming the way leaders lead in her country and beyond and is working assiduously with her team of John Maxwell Certified Coaches to achieve this noble objective.  

What Coaching really is

Isn't it interesting that perhaps one of the most powerful processes in the world is so often misunderstood and misrepresented? Often what is provided as coaching is the furthest thing from it. Many persons who run businesses think that their people are "broken", and they need someone, a coach, to come in and "fix' them. Nothing could be further fr...
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