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Long time ago in Trinidad people said something was "good talk" if they felt it was true, often because it came from a reliable source, someone they trust. That's what we're doing, but not with negative news. There's enough of that already. We focus more on the positive by sharing good deals, good help, and good talk about Trinidad & Tobago.

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We’ll help you stretch your hard-earned dollars, make better choices and feel more optimistic about our beloved Trinidad & Tobago. Just become a member by clicking the login button above. It's free.

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And if you’re a local artist, business person, or entrepreneur we'd like to fuel your success.

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Peter Anthony Founder

Peter captains the HMS GoodTalk with passion and sh!t talk.

Jason Smiles

Jason Marcano not only has a killer smile but he's also boss at social media and content managment.

Brandon Lee

Brandon Lee is the Kung Fu master of all things technical on the website. He wears the glasses just to look the part.

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