Pushing through to the next level of Growth

I can't tell you how excited I was to be facilitating a leadership mastermind with a group of highly intelligent and dynamic business owners and leaders. We were learning, growing and sharing insights on one of the most powerful of John Maxwell's many powerful programs, The 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership. The Mastermind concept gave us the opportunity to be in a room of like-minded leaders, discussing and sharing insights on issues of growth and leadership.  The environment in a mastermind is safe and non-judgmental,  where everyone is free to share their views.  It is where we learn together rather than being taught.  

Like we discussed at that Mastermind Mondays session as we were learning about the Law of Intuition, all of us are naturally intuitive in our area of giftedness. I believe that this is true because I have lived it and every day, I witness others living it. But there is something else I also know to be true and this is that we all instinctively know when it is time for a growth surge.

Every single person or organization that has come to me for one or more of the many resources that I offer, each structured to enhance or encourage the process of growth, knew that it was time. Very recently Stacy shared with me that she was simply not satisfied with how her life and career were progressing. Something was wrong. She was not happy with her performance. She felt she was not really living into her true potential and she had had enough of it. She wanted something but was not sure what. She had been reading my Success Insights and felt that if she called me, she would get some answers, and that she did.

As I worked with a group of progressive and driven business agents last year, coaching them through the challenges they were facing both in their personal and professional lives as they sought to become more successful in their businesses, this is what Debbie shared. 'Monica, I knew we needed something, but I was not sure what. But this work that you are doing with us, coaching us, listening to us and being our champion is exactly what we needed.' Debbie and her group as well as Stacy got the nudge. They could have ignored it, but they didn't. There are many ways in which this nudge shows up. It could be just a feeling of dissatisfaction, or it could be one or a series of curve balls that eventually make it impossible to ignore that something needs to change. It happened to me eight years ago when it became impossible for me to stay one minute longer in my 30-year banking career.

My friend, when your nudge comes, I encourage you to be ready immediately. You don't want to wait until your numbers are a joke to you or you become so miserable that waking up to go to work is a real burden. You don't want to have to face receiving a letter warning that your performance is under par. Even if you do receive one, then know that this is your opportunity to adopt a new course of action and persist and push through to your next level of growth. You want to be like Marlon who has recognized that he has a fantastic opportunity to grow but needs an assist to maximize it. When your nudge comes, know that your best bet is a professional coach and a leadership expert which is who I am. I can help you push through the challenges and curve balls that you are facing and I am just an email or away. Plus, if you click here, you can be register for my second program in Mastermind Mondays, The 15 Invaluable Laws of Growth which starts on Monday November 4th and runs for 5 Mondays. Just what you need to make your life work.



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Monday, 18 October 2021
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