Kaylan Bartholomew is a Health and Wellness Coach who incorporates her training as a Yoga and Mindfulness instructor to help her clients transform their bodies and their minds. She helps people to release the unhealthy habits, thoughts and beliefs that lead to overwhelm, fatigue and emotional eating. This allows her clients to stay consistent with a healthy lifestyle, lose weight sustainably, boost their energy and feel balanced.

Kaylan can be reached at kaylan@spiritednatural.com or (868) 332-9841

It’s Simple – Do What’s Good For You

I was chatting with a friend recently and we were reflecting on how easy it is to feel good.When we eat the foods we know our bodies need, get enough sleep, spend quality time with the people we love, do the things that make you feel alive you feel whole, balanced and joyful.It's simple, yet the way we live our lives makes it seem unattainable unle...
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