We offer businesses a new sales and promotions channel to help them increase revenue.  Here's a 1-minute video showing how we can help businesses increase sales.

Your job will be to use phone, email and social media technology to identify prospective clients for goodtalktnt, convert them to paying customers, and manage their experience through repeatable renewals.  

You up to it?

Office hours and work location 

​You get paid for results so we don't care about your hours or where you work from.    


  • ​Minimum two years experience selling to businesses.
  • Some sales training certification.


  1. Must have traditional sales qualities e.g. putting people of all ages at ease, and listening more than talking etc.
  2. Very good with technology, and be willing to learn how to use new apps.
  3. Must be able to use phone, email and WhatsApp to communicate with prospects, clients and teammates.
  4. Must be good at documenting the status and next steps of each contact.
  5. Willing to learn and unlearn.
  6. Willing to try new things, especially apps to communicate and coordinate action.
  7. Good at negotiation.
  8. Friendly personality and can-do attitude.
  9. Willing to suggest new ideas, speak frankly and not take things personally.
  10. Is accountable for commitments made.
  11. STAYS IN COMMUNICATION (doesn't need to be chased)
  12. Sense of humour.


  • ​Own Android or iOS smartphone. 
  • Home computer and wireless broadband connection.
  • Must be comfortable with WhatsApp and social media.


  • ​Five new deals per week.
  • Five new clients per week.
  • 70% renewal rate.
  • To be negotiated.


  • ​Mostly commission based with allowance for phone usage.  
  • To be negotiated. 


  • This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  • 868-290-8584