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Guidelines on writing a review

  1. Be honest. Don’t leave a review for something that you didn’t experience yourself.  That's not cool.
  2. Be constructive.  Tell us what you liked, and what not-so-much; but do it in a way that the business owner can fix it.
  3. Be relevant. Your review should focus on your experience as a customer. Don't go mouthing off your opinion about a business's employment practices, political ideologies, or other matters unrelated to the delivery of the product or service.  Also not cool.
  4. Be fair. No emotional, hateful or offensive language and no personal attacks. Being critical doesn’t mean being negative and nasty.
  5. Be independent. Your reviews should be unbiased and objective, and free of conflicts of interest. If there's an obvious conflict, please don't post the review, for example, business owners shouldn't sing their own praises or bad-talk their competitors, and this is not the place to mauvais langue your current or former employers.  If there could be a perceived conflict of interest then tell us what it is in your review or don't leave a review at all. Capiche?

Enough said. Your review can help a business grow, help your friends get good help or entertainment, and could earn you discounts and promotions on things you like. Go forth and spread some good talk.;-)