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Kite Flying Hot

April 25, 2012    
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Kite Flying
The fun of kite flying is also in the making of the kite, which involved choosing the paper, deciding how to decorate, making the tail, getting the string. No we see less of the old time kites made of paper and bamboo or coconut fronds held together by flour paste glue with a tail made of strips of cloth. However kite flying still has some popularity especially among children. In addition adults are often seen, at the beach, flying kites. Most of the kites used today are purchased from vendors and made of plastic. Although the excitement of creation is gone, kite flying is still an enjoyable.
The chookie chong, which is a kite made from notebook paper with a tail also made from notebook paper, is the easiest kite style to make and was probably the first type of kite that most children learned to fly. Even today little children can sometimes still be seen flying a chookie chong around their home. The most commonly used design for a kite was the diamond shape. This kite style requires a long tail for stability and flies at a low angle. On these kites the longer the tail, the higher the kite will fly. The madbull is always held in awe as it is a very large kite that was and is generally flown by teenagers and adults because it requires some strength to hold the string. The madbull kite has objects attached that cause it to make a whirring or buzzing sound as it flies. One type of kite that is always admired in Trinidad is the fighter kite. This kite is designed to cut strings of other kites as they fly, using sharp objects such as crushed glass or razor blades(Zwill) glued to its string.
The peak period for kite flying is February to May because of the constant winds during that period. There is a large kite flying competition each year during April (usually on Easter Sunday at the Queen's Park Savannah) and other smaller competitions at other times such as the Tobago Kite Flying Festival on December 26th.
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