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The Festival of Santa Rosa Arima Hot

April 25, 2012    
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The Feast of Santa Rosa

The Feast of Santa Rosa is an historic event that began during the era when the Spanish colonial government decided to use the old Capuchin Mission grounds in Arima to establish Mission grounds for the indigenous people of Trinidad in 1785. The holiday of Santa Rosa de Lima, which commemorated the Peruvian saint, Santa Rosa, for being the first person in the Americas to be canonized as a saint was first celebrated in Trinidad in 1786 which was the 200th year anniversary of its celebration in other New World territories.

This Santa Rosa Festival begins with a procession by members of the Carib community from the Santa Rosa Carib Community Centre to the Santa Rosa R.C. Parish.

The church service is a ceremonial one incorporating aspects of Carib ritualism with the Roman Catholic tradition. The march journeys from the church through the streets of Arima including: Woodford Street, which is where the church is located, Queen Street passing the Dial, and Hollis Avenue.
After the march, members socialize and have breakfast, then members of the Carib community and their supporters journey to the Santa Rosa Carib Community Centre for an evening of fun activities.

Guests are treated to live performances of hot entertainers such as Calypsonians 'Mighty Striker' and 'Lady La Fleur', The New Pioneers Steelband Orchestra and appearances by the Mausica Best Village Queen. Parang bands from all over the country come to show their support and love for Arima. These bands included: the Maracas Serenaders, the Lara Brothers, the Canarios Parang Group and the Mucho Tempo Parang Group.

During the live Parang acts, members of the Arima Community, ranging from the very young to the young at heart dance their various forms of Latin dances, showing great skill and gracefulness on the dance floor.
It is interesting to see what the descendants of the Carib group had to offer and it was good to see that they still have not abandoned some of their cultural traditions.
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