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Double River/Sobo Waterfalls Rappel with Courtenay Rooks Hot

September 17, 2013    
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Waterfall rappel and hike.

East of Brasso Seco deep in the heart of the Northern Range on El Cerro del Aripo's northern and steepest face is the Double River. A major river feeding into the vibrant Madamas River its waters have scoured a series of rapids, cascades, gorges and waterfalls over millions of years creating a dramatic landscape for adventure or ropes, rocks and rappels!!!

To get an early start we meet for 6:30am at Superpharm, Maraval. If you are coming from South or East you can meet at Trincity Mall at 7:15am. We then drive east to Arima, turn north and head Brasso Seco. The road into Brasso Seco has lots of potholes so we go slow. Then after Brasso Seco we are on Madamas Road to the trail head, this last part of the road is very potholed hence not for sports or very low cars. Total drive from Maraval would be over 2 hours each way.

At the trail head there are 2 options to get to Double River Waterfall:
1) Take a 1 hour hike along muddy jeep trail through rainforests to Double River
2) Mountain Bike along muddy jeep trail through rainforests to Double River

Once at Double River we all join forces and all hike following a mountain trail towards Double River Waterfall. Here the group will separate into those relaxing below the waterfall and those doing the waterfall rappel.

Those doing the waterfall rappel / canyoning will take a steep ridge line trail to get above the waterfall, then across and down into the river above the waterfalls and cascades. This will be tough and sweaty but only about 30 minutes. Once in the river we start to set ropes, put on harnesses, helmets and safety gear and weeeeeeeeee!!! It's down we go using ropes to rappel down cascades and waterfalls. Swimming across azure pools and climbing up and down rocks is all part of the fun.

First we descend Sobo Waterfall which is actually 2 waterfalls, with the larger being about 7 meters. The we get to the serious descent of the about 25 meter Double River Waterfall. This is challenging and will require all to use their rappelling skills properly ensuring safety and fun at all times.

Once at the base of Double River Waterfall we have pic nic, take a swim, and massage below the falls. Then we head back to the vehicles which should take just over an hour

After all the fun at the waterfall we return to Brasso Seco the way we came along muddy rain forest and jeep trails. Its best to have a jug or bottle of water back at the vehicle to wash before the 2 hour drive home.

We will stop for a local lunch at Brasso Seco before heading home.

The water for Trini standards is very cold these days so bring and extra jersey o rash guard to layer up to be warm

The hike is over 1hour each way and will be slippery in sections. We will also encounter steep sections around the waterfalls

Everyone will be provided with a helmet while climbing, however if you have a personal helmet please bring it as you may feel more comfortable.

Mosquito repellant is recommended but sun block is not needed

Water for washing off mud is a good idea. Leave this in the car so you can wash and change before heading home

Serious climbers cut their nails very short, while we do not expect you to change fashion for us the shorter your nails are the better. Regardless of the length you must ensure they have no jagged edges.

A good pair of climbing, riding, sailing or workman’s gloves that have padded palms and fit snugly are an asset for the rappels. Full fingered gloves are recommended

For those of you with long hair, please put in a neat pony or plat that is kept in the back as hair can get caught in belay devices.

Short pants or tights and a sporty top or jersey that fits well and leaves you flexible is a must. Loose or ill fitting clothes will limit your climbing ability and can be dangerous

It is very important to be hydrated and energized during the adventure, so ensure that you have food, water, and energy snacks for a day out. I can drink 3 liters and more during this adventure

Proper hiking shoes that fit well and have grips are recommended. Slippers are not appropriate. Ensure your shoes are tied properly and do not have loose laces

You will swim with you back pack on so ensure to bring phones / cameras in dry bags and tripple zip loc bags

Make sure you leave a dry change of clothes and towel in the car to change into for the drive home!

Minimum of 6 and maximum of 25 persons

Directions to Brasso Seco:
Drive East on the Churchill Roosevelt Passing the Arima Race Track and Food Basket on the right. Continue east passing Santa Rosa on the left (pass through their traffic lights). Just after the stone pillars left after World War II. About 100 meters after this turn north; which is left, onto the Demerara Road / Arima Bypass Road and head north. Follow this road and cross the Eastern Main Road heading North east, continue on the Arima Bye Pass Road and it becomes the Arima Blanchisseuse Road and slowly turns north and gets narrow and bumpy. Drive north through Arima Valley climbing hills for 30 min, then the road becomes flat and starts to go down heading north east. After about 2 miles you come to a junction, go straight continuing north east to east (If you turn left you go to Mon La Criox and Blanchisseuse). Drive for another 15 min and you arrive at Brasso Seco, take the first right and the road arcs to the left passing the church and rum shop. Take the next right; this is Gomez Trace, a very bad road, it has a sign that says Paria Waterfalls. It goes up steeply, then down passing a river, then up again, take the next right (which is the 2nd right on Gomez Trace) and take a 2nd hard right going up a short steep hill. You are now at Patsy Roses’ place called Paria Heights.
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Brasso Seco
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Cancellations made between 48 to 24 hours prior to the event incur a 50% fee.
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