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Job Opportunities

We're looking for a part-timer with the following skills:

  1. Person should have expert computer and internet skills.  Using Google, finding and uploading images etc. Navigating among multiple websites, shortening urls etc. 
  2. Basic photoshop skills will be very helpful and the person will need to compress and crop images etc.
  3. Good command of proper English in both speaking and writing.
  4. Social Marketing skills: Person should be very familiar with Facebook and ideally Twitter.  
  5. Willingness to adapt and step in to do what's necessary without being told.
  6. Ready smile, good attitude, willingness to learn.


  1. Content creation and curation: Adding listings, and finding content to feature.  This includes finding appropriate images and gaining permission for their use.
  2. Review moderation: Making sure people's reviews don't break our guidelines.
  3. Identifying and soliciting advertisers:
  4. Other: Possibly article writing and research for articles.

Other info:

Port-of-Spain should be convenient for the candidate who must have their own computer and be able to work from home.  

Possibility to become a full-time position.

Send your resume and cover letter to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.