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Samurai Arts
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November 06, 2013    
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Reviewed by PeterAnthonyG November 06, 2013
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Great value for money

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What was good?
Service is excellent. The owners and operators aim to please and they are sincere in wanting to get this venture right. I am impressed by their initiative as they come at food service from an angle that is difficult to do well, at least do well consistently. The business is geared around good food, in a decent quantity, straight to your door at a good price.

I came across them by accident as i was waiting at someone's office which was one of their delivery stops. I took a look at their very simple and easy to understand menu and decided to give them a go. I had a leg & thigh baked chicken, which came with macaroni pie, callaloo and a West Indian fried rice. Got a slice of avocado as a nice surprise. The chicken and callaloo was good, but not great but the macaroni pie and rice were very good. All in all, for $45 I had my belly full and I didn't have to go anywhere to get it. A great value.

As I write this, the owners have been operating for less than two weeks and I'm betting that they will improve over time.
What could be improved?
The baked chicken was tender and moist but I think was missing something to give it that extra tastiness. The callaloo also missed a little 'bite' for my taste, but I'm sure that many people would prefer it.

I've kept the menu and will order the other dishes to give them all a try. I'll adjust this review as needed, but overall I think this is a great service at a great value.
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