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October 28, 2013    
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Reviewed by ladywell October 28, 2013
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What was good?
This is the second time I have been to the location that was highly recommended by friends who go there often for Friday nights lime. I can see how as a drinking liming spot it could be a cool place. There is a funky second story all glass sports lounge that is new and modern. The restaurant inside has lovely upscale decor and the menus on a tablet is a clever touch. The staff does try to be friendly and welcoming which is appreciated. We had cocktails and the buffet on the second visit. The buffet food was okay, relatively tasty but unfortunately they ran out of items while we were there. The cocktails we ordered were well priced with generous portions - again I could see this as a good place to come for an after work drink. The menu does offer a extremely large variety of international food - from Chinese, steaks and many international items that one does not always see in this area.
What could be improved?
On the first trip, our waitress seemed friendly but rather clueless. We ordered Chinese food to share - I was not sure of the portion sizes and asked her if the five dishes for three people would be too much. She said it was fine and proceeded to bring out three each of all the dishes - at first we just thought it was just generous portions - it was enough to feed 9 people and way too much, not to mention much more than we thought it would cost. Once we realised what was going on and I questioned why she would bring this much food, she didn't seem to care less. It would not have been so bad it the food was so average and at times below par. Chinese vegetables and noodles were okay, but fried rice that came out last was gooey - almost like a risotto and really awful.
On the second trip despite a friendly welcome, the waitress seemed offended that I asked to move tables (I thought she was losing her table as a result but that was not the case). She also only mentioned the fact that a return trip to the buffet was actually double the price after our first trip to the buffet. My partner and I were shocked at this restaurant policy - the food in the buffet was already not worth the $80 price tag - average stewed chicken, chinese noodles, lentils, very basic salad, rice, fish (that had already been finished and was not replenished) but to be expected to pay double for a second trip? That was kind of shocking. To be fair when we complained as well she did talk to the manager who allowed us to go back for a second time without extra charge, thank heavens - it was probably because during the whole lunch time maybe 10 people actually had the buffet. But what a terrible policy to have - if the food was at least worth double the cost maybe...but average food that could be brought for $35 dollars in a food court, I think not.
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