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Patraj Roti Shop
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July 06, 2012    
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Reviewed by PeterAnthonyG September 17, 2013
Last updated: September 17, 2013
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Generous beef portion and tasty

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Tragarete Road
What was good?
Had a beef dosti roti with pumpkin, potato, channa and bhaji. It was delicious. Food is behind glass and it's impossible for customers to touch or otherwise breathe on the food. I like that. The place is also kept clean.
The curry is very good and the food is definitely the reason to go there. I definitely found the roti much better tasting than Shiann's Food Palace up the street.
What could be improved?
The set up is a bit odd. The food is set behind a sort of glass cage which is hygienic, but makes it a bit difficult to communicate easily with the servers. When I went there were almost no other customers and the servers were quite friendly to me, but I can't say that they were really customer oriented. Especially as one member of staff was quite vocal about something or someone that she was very unhappy about.

The ambience leaves a lot to be desired. They basically provide two sparsely furnished rooms for customers to sit on. Almost a bit like the roti is so good that they don't try in any other area.
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