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BUZO Osteria Italiana
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September 17, 2012    
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Reviewed by Michelle Allum July 16, 2013
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Hot food. Cold People.

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Branch location reviewed
Cor. Woodford & Warner St.
What was good?
Love the gourmet pizzas. Even the artichokes taste great! (Didn't expect that to work on pizza). Great place for a business lunch. Wide variety of options with really healthy, fresh ingredients. It feels like your body gives you a thumbs-up after a Buzo meal. They are one of the few places that do tasty, interesting salads, and I am NOT a salad lover, so I can honestly say they do a really good job.
Gorgeous modern decor. Quite versatile and creative in their use of window space for advertising.
What could be improved?
The staff are very efficient but i find them a bit cold. They treat (what I assume to be) regulars like family, very welcoming and warm, but for the newbie, they are very polite... but starkly cold, hence low points for ambience. I always feel slightly uncomfortable when I eat there, but the food is great, so I usually opt for takeout.
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