Member FAQs

What's in it for me? Why should I leave a review?

It builds your street cred

If you leave helpful reviews you will become someone whose opinion is trusted, and you could become known as an expert in one or more categories e.g. food, or shopping if you leave a lot of reviews in those areas.  If you write or video well we'll feature your content so that you become known as the Ian Alleyne, Anthony Bourdain, Wendy Rahamut etc. in your field.

You'll earn points

By leaving reviews and sharing this site with your friends you'll also earn points that you'll be abel to redeem for discounts at partner businesses.  

You can win prizes

From time to time, we'll be entering reviewers and people who share this site into contests to win prizes.  

You'll save money

By registering on the site you'll also have access to all of the deals our business partners offer to our members.

What should I do if there are no reviews for something I'm interested in?

If you see a listing for something that you're interested in, but it has no reviews, then share the listing on Facebook, Twitter or via email and ask people to leave a review for it on

How can I trust the reviews on

We can’t guarantee every member’s sincerity, so the best defense is to follow our guidelines for reading and writing reviews.· Always favor reviews from people that you know, or at least people with complete profiles.

That’s why we ask you to complete your personal profile or login with Facebook.  It’s the only way people can assess that you are a real person who is genuinely sharing something good (or not).

GoodTalkTnT is a space for you to establish and find trustworthy networks of help, and our goal is to help you to build your own network of people that you trust.

The best place to start is to use your own profile to demonstrate that you yourself can be trusted, and of course to leave helpful reviews.

I can't find something that I want to leave a review for?

First make sure you've put in alternate names and spellings for what you're trying to review.  KFC might be listed as Kentucky Fried Chicken for example.  It's not but you get the idea.

If it's not here, just click on "Add Something New" in the top navigation and you can follow the instructions to enter it.  If what you want to review doesn't fit into any of the existing categories on our site, you can send us an email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and let us know what it is.

Why should I use this instead of Facebook?

There is no need to consider this as an either or; in fact GoodTalk is designed to work well with Facebook.  With that said there are a couple reasons to leave reviews here vs. just posting it on your wall or on the business page (if there is one).

GoodTalk is designed to help people find reviews for local businesses etc., and it's easy to find and read all of the historical reviews about something you're interested in.  Facebook on the other hand is a real time medium and if you post an opinion on a local business most people will only read it if they happen to to be on facebook at the time.   Facebook was not designed to help you find and group all of the feedback about a local business in a way that you can easily read and compare.

If you post a critical review on a business page, the business can remove it, and they often do.

Lastly, unlike Facebook, GT is focussed on Trinidad & Tobago and provides information in a consistent way so that you can more easily get a sense of whether a business or service is right for you—much better than reading the comments on a business’ Facebook page.

So create your reviews and recommendations here, and share it on Facebook.  That's the best way to leverage your opinions on what's good or needs improving in Trinidad & Tobago.


You can even use Facebook to sign up/login; it's easy and allows you to see your friends and their GoodTalkTnT reviews.

Can I leave a negative review?

It's a free country and you can say what you want, just remember you and you alone are responsible for the content you create.  All we ask is that your reviews be constructive and helpful. 

A rule of thumb is that if you are emotional and feel that you want to punish a business you probably shouldn’t leave a review, or at least you should wait until you cool off before leaving the review.

Remember that your reviews can hurt someone’s feelings or even their livelihood, so take care that any criticism you give is honest and actionable i.e. the business can do something about it to improve.

Another rule of thumb is, if you have nothing good to say, just don’t say anything.  Leaving no review for a business also speaks volumes.   

Let’s help each other do well in life.

Can I leave anonymous reviews?

Yes.  But bear in mind that you will be held to account if you leave malicious, or unfair reviews and content on this site.  We will be able to find you if any legal action is taken against us because of a malicious or unfair review that you post.

The rule of thumb is, if you have nothing good to say, then don't say anything.  You can leave a bad review e.g. a one star review as long as any comments you leave are constructive and fair.  

We also realise that people may not feel able to leave a fair and constructive review for fear of social, economic or political retribution.  Here are some ways to leave a balanced, fair but negative review anonymously. 

1-Don't login

You can leave a review without logging in.  Just make sure that you are not logged in and click "Add New Review" for the listing you wish to leave a review for.  Just make sure you enter a made up name for the field "Your Name" and no one will know who really left the review.  If your email is fake, we'll delete your review.

2-Register a pseudonym profile

This is appropriate if you wish to develop a reputation as a mystery reviewer.  This might be an interesting way to build some intrigue for yourself, but it does not make you any less responsible for what you say in your reviews.  You are still bound by the Terms of Service of this website, and we will remove any objectionable reviews you create, and may even remove you from the site if your pseudonym leaves objectionable content.

To create your pseudonym profile you only need to click on the "Signup" button on the top of the page and fill in your pseudonym name for username, password and a legitimate email address.