Business Owner FAQs

Will GoodTalkTnT be doing anything to ensure reviews are helpful?

We must strike a balance between making it easy and safe for people to leave reviews, and express their opinions about a business, product, service or place in Trinidad & Tobago, with the business concern that Trinis will use the site to only bad talk people and business that they don't like.

In the beginning we are erring on the side of making things easy for our users to express their opinions, but if we see that people are using the site to attack people and businesses we will take steps to reduce if not eliminate malicious intent altogether.  These steps may include all or some of the following:

  1. forcing login for all reviews
  2. encouraging members to report any review or comment they find malicious or unfair
  3. awarding prizes and other incentives for users to leave helpful reviews
  4. moderating all reviews and comments
  5. creating a hall of shame for members who leave unfair or malicious reviews
  6. removing members

Our intent is to support business, (especially small business) as well promoting what is good in Trinidad and Tobago.  The name “GoodTalkTnT” was not chosen by accident.   However, it is a law of nature that you must take the good with the bad, and as long as the 'bad“ is constructive we believe it will be good for everyone.

How can I correct inaccurate information about my business?

If your business has inaccurate information about it on the site, or you'd like to be able to edit the information the best thing to do is 'Claim the listing.'  You'll notice that on every listing there is a button called  "Claim this listing."  Here's what to do:

  1. Login or register if you don't already have an account.  Buttons are on top right of every page.
  2. Fill out your profile information so that we know how to contact you etc.
  3. Click the "Claim this business/listing" button, and fill in any information that you think helpful e.g. a telephone number and a time to call.  

Someone will get back to you to establish that you are the owner of the business.  We'll send you an email when the listing is yours and you can then edit it. 

I find a review objectionable can I have it removed?

You can report the review by clicking on the little flag at the bottom corner of the review.  If we think it has infringed on our member guidelines and Terms of Service, we will remove the review.

What should I do if a review is unfair?

Here are your options:

  1. Do nothing. In many cases the best response is to do nothing.  If it is clear to you that the review is unfair, chances are it will be clear to readers of the review also.
  2. Allow your satisfied customers to come to your defense.  This often happens naturally with no request or effort on your part (that’s why they’re called loyal customers).  Big brands have been harnessing the power of their best customers for years and you should too.
  3. You can leave a comment to the review, but take care not to be drawn into a public argument.  Might be wiser to write your comment to future readers of the objectionable review (not to the person who left the review) saying something objective that exposes the illegitimacy or unfairness of the review and leave it at that.  In other words, don’t respond any further to the reviewer, who might try to draw you into a tit-for-tat argument.
  4. You can let us know, and ask us to take appropriate action by clicking on “Report this review” and letting us know why you think the review is objectionable.  Removing reviews is problematic for a number of reasons, but if we feel the reviewer has infringed on our Guidelines we may remove it or take some other appropriate action.

What's the difference between "Adding a listing" and "Claim a listing"

Claim a listing

A member or someone on our staff may have already added some basic information about your business, offer or service.  A member may do that if they wanted to leave a review for your business, event etc., and couldn't find it in the search results.  You can easily check by entering the name of your business, product, service, event etc.  If it comes up you can make it your own by clicking on "Claim this listing."  Tip: Try searching with common mis-spellings or aliases for your listing.  

Add Something New

If your business, product, service, event etc. is not already listed on the site, you can add it yourself (free of charge) by clicking on "Add Something New" and filling out the presented fields.

What if I get negative/bad reviews?

You shouldn't worry; there isn't a company or person on the planet that doesn't have detractors.

If your business truly delivers value, you will have more satisfied customers than dis-satisfied ones.  If you don't, you have bigger problems than having a few negative reviews left on

Believe it or not, there is value in having a few negative reviews:

1- They bring any negative conversations to the surface where you can see them and take appropriate action.  The fact that people didn't use a forum like this one to express negative opinions about your offers doesn't mean that they didn't exist, or that they weren’t being expressed in other forums e.g. in blogs, articles, Facebook, Twitter etc.

2-They bring balance to your reviews.  People don't believe all positive reviews. They have learned that all that glitters is not gold and they've been taken advantage of so many times that they no longer trust your marketing copy.  Having reviews that also reflect what didn't work or was less than ideal helps people trust that they are getting the real picture of what you have to offer.

3- They help people select what is right for them. Not everything is right for everyone. One person’s meat is another person’s poison. The comments in the reviews help readers of those reviews understand why people didn't like certain things, and decide whether or not they share the same idea of what's important from what's not.

4- They expose the "crazies."  Most people will leave fairly balanced reviews, and we do our best to instruct our members how to leave and read reviews.  The people who tend to be emotional and overly zealous about why your offer will bring plague and pestilence on the world expose themselves as emotional, unstable and having an axe to grind.

5- They give you an opportunity to learn and improve. Apart from the "crazies" you can learn from most negative comments and reviews.  Professionals will take whatever is actionable and improve their business.