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Great Deals & Reviews on What's Good in Trinidad & Tobago

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What is GoodTalkTnT?

This is a place to help you find what's worth your time and money in Trinidad & Tobago.

It's meant to help us all help each other to answer questions like:

  • What's a good restaurant/bar/club to that I haven't tried before?
  • What's a good contractor, beautician, auto shop, gym etc.?

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Let your voice be heard

Would you like to let business owners, the government, or your friends know what you think about their products and service?

Well you can do it here.  All we ask is that you be constructive and keep your language clean.  The idea is to share what's good and give people and businesses the information they need to improve.

Here's what to do next: 

  • Leave reviews for places and businesses etc. that you like
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  • Share this site and what you review here with your friends.

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